One of the most exciting parts of getting ready for a new baby is planning what your little one's nursery will look like. With so many baby items on the market, it can be overwhelming to work out what is a must-have and what items are ok to skip!


To help you get a better idea of what you REALLY need, we have put together this essentials list for your baby nursery.


1. COT

The number one essential on our nursery list checklist, is a cot. Your baby will spend a lot of time (hopefully) sleeping, having a dedicated sleeping space will help with their sleep routine. If you can it's a great idea to get a cot that transitions into a toddler bed. Giving you longer before you need to upgrade to a big bed!



The life of a newborn is feeding and sleeping, on repeat! The Love To Dream suits are a game-changer! Finding a swaddle or wrap that makes your baby feel safe and secure is essential.



Anything that makes Mums life easier makes in an essential newborn item in my eyes! Our Aria Nappy Caddy will make change times organised and calm. Holding all of your clothes, burp cloths and change time essentials in one place. 

Aria Nappy Caddy Organiser $49.95



A baby monitor means you can always keep a close eye on baby, without needing to enter the room. It also means you can duck outside to hang out that load of washing and you won't be running back inside thinking you have heard baby crying!



Remember what I said about feeding and sleeping on repeat? You can spend hours a day feeding and rocking baby, especially in the newborn days. A comfy chair with good back support is an essential.


August 18, 2022 — Kirsty Whybrow

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