A well-packed Nappy Bag can be the difference between a full-blown disaster of an outing or just a little bump in the trip! Life with a baby or toddler around can make things... unpredictable! This is why it's important to be prepared for all kinds of situations (especially sticky ones).


So what are the 10 essential items you need to pack in your Nappy Bag when leaving the house? We've put together this list, to help your outing go a little smoother!


1. Wipes

An obvious essential! Not only for nappy changes, but sticky hands and dirty surfaces too. I keep a whole packet in my nappy bag, so I am never caught out!


2. Nappies

The other obvious essential! The general rule of thumb is 1 nappy for every hour you are going to be out. I usually add in an extra one on top of that (just incase!)


3. Change of clothes

Remember those sticky situations I mentioned? Kids love to get messy! Drool, a little spill or spit up and it's a outfit change needed.


4. Sunscreen & hat

Even on an overcast day, baby's skin still needs protecting. 


5. Teething toys

This will keep baby nice and happy in the pram (although I can't guarantee!)


6. Snacks & water

Depending on the age of your little one. Either pack snacks and water for yourself, or for both you and your toddler if a little older! Trust me... #snacksarelife


7. Dummy or comforter

It's a great idea to pack an extra incase one end up over the edge of the pram too!


8. Hand sanitiser

Washing your hands with soap and water is best but sometimes there's no where to do this! A travel sized bottle of hand sanitiser is the next best thing! Also comes in hander if you have a toddler who wants to have a snack and has grubby hands!


9. Change mat

Our Nappy Bags come with a matching padded change mat! Because we get how important a change mat is out and about with little ones.


10. Blanket or Muslin

Handy for if the weather suddenly cools down, but also can be used as a change mat, nursing cover or shade cloth. Always better to be prepared!

August 25, 2022 — Ruth Quinn

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