How do I leave the house with a baby?

The words I literally typed into Google after I had my firstborn. So you've got through the morning sickness of pregnancy, the pain of labour, the dread of the sleepless newborn nights. Now it's time to leave the house for the first time with your newborn, on your own.

I've got you, here are my top tips for leaving the house with your newborn.

1. Be prepared.

Pack your Nappy Bag the night before. This will save you from running around in the morning while you are trying to get yourself and the baby out the door.

2. Pack extra

You always need extra. Don't doubt that you don't need that extra set of clothes, or those extra nappies -  you do need them.

3. Take snacks and water for yourself

Remember yourself too! Breastfeeding makes you hungry, eating or taking some small sips of water will also help calm your nerves! 

4. Allow extra time

Guaranteed things will not go to plan. An extra nappy change will be needed, or the baby won't feed as well as normal. Give yourself plenty of extra time and just do what needs to be done for baby and you!

5. Be kind to yourself!

Babies cry. It's normal and it's OK! Getting out the door is a nightmare! It's normal and it's OK! 

Don't pressure yourself to take your first solo trip out until you feel ready. It may be a good idea to start with something simple like a coffee with a friend or a quick trip to grab some milk from the shops just to help you build your confidence. Most importantly remember you are not alone, it's totally normal to feel overwhelmed by leaving the house alone with your little one. You've got this Mumma! 

July 29, 2022 — Kirsty Whybrow

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