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About Us

Our bags are SO much more than "Just bags" because we know you are SOOO much more than "Just a mum"

Before you had kids you had your own style, you had time to get glam and go out with friends, you had that one bag you would rock on the dance floor with your fave shoes or just out to brunch.

Now all of a sudden you can't leave the house without ALL the kid stuff and planning what time you need to be back for the next nap. It's very easy to feel like the old you has kind of disappeared. It can feel chaotic and we are always beating ourselves up that we just never seem to have it together like all those perfect Instagram mums! 

Our bagz are lovingly designed to make you feel empowered, super stylish AND we have created a pocket and space for EVERYTHING you need to be organised and prepared for anything that #mumlife throws at you. 


Hey lovely I'm Ruth and I have felt this way many times which is why Bambino Bagz was born.



Becoming a mum is such an incredible gift and the most amazing thing I have ever done. But it is also the most challenging thing I have ever done and one of the biggest struggles for me was feeling like "just a mum" all of a sudden.  

Constantly tired and surrounded by a sea of kids toys and the a mash up of kid TV shows stuck on loop in my head. 

My saving grace was taking simple daily steps to do things that make me feel like ME and feel great. Taking five minutes to pop on some make up and grabbing my beautiful bag which is super organised and makes me feel like even if the pile of laundry is growing by the day, and the kids had chicken nuggets yet again for dinner at least I am going to look great today and have everything we need ready to go for the trip to the zoo! 

So go forth and find YOUR perfect bag and rock that beautifully imperfect messy fun day with your little tribe.  We are in this TOGETHER!  


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