Welcome! You may be expecting to read the glamorous story behind Bambino Bags but the truth is, It was born out of a time of great struggle for me as a Mum.

Bambino Bagz came to life in 2020, not because I'm some fashionista with a passion for bags (though I do adore a good bag), but because I was struggling—really struggling. My journey here started a year after my second son, Josh, arrived in this world.

Now, I should tell you, I've always wanted to be a Mum. It was a dream come true. But, after spending three years at home with my firstborn and then another year with Josh, I began to feel totally lost and alone. I asked myself Who am I beyond motherhood? Do I still have the skills and the creativity to be more than 'just a Mum'? The isolation of being a stay-at-home Mum was slowly chipping away at me. I needed to re-engage my brain into work mode growth and challenge mode. For ME. 

Bambino Bagz - About us. How Our nappy bags became the best in Australia

I realised that the simple act of getting out of the house for a walk, for a change of scenery, or for some social interaction was a lifeline. It was my way of battling the loneliness that can creep up when you're home with the kids. And here's where our bags come into the picture.  To me, they're not just bags; they're your companions on this journey, helping you venture out, feel less lonely, and be more confident and organised.

Our bags aren't just about being functional; they're about making you feel great. You see, I had a moment when I felt like I completely lost my personal style in the early years of motherhood. Between the changes my body went through and the default option of wearing activewear (because it's easy), I just didn’t know how to dress my new shape, and I didn’t feel like "me." But always having a stylish bag that complemented my outfit was my secret weapon.

I experienced how that little accessory could boost my self-esteem and make outings with my boys feel empowering. So, I'm passionate about ensuring that other Mums, like you, feel confident, stylish, and never alone.

Bambino Bagz isn't just about nappy bags, or pram caddies. It's about being a Mum while embracing your unique identity, your style, and rocking the good days and the hot mess days.

Our bags are not just accessories; they're a symbol of strength, self-assurance, and rediscovering the "you" that's always been there. So go forth and find YOUR perfect nappy bag and rock that beautifully imperfect, messy, fun day with your little tribe.  We are in this together!

With love 


Ruth xoxo

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