8 Tips for Travelling with Kids

Travelling again after so long seems daunting enough, but now with little people in tow!? That's enough for any parent to spin into overwhelm!

The good news is, with a little bit of organisation, travelling with your little ones doesn't need to be stressful. Whether you'll be on the road or flying on a plane, these 8 tips will help your travel plans go smoothly as possible.

Preparation is key

Remember the days of throwing a few outfits in a bag and heading out the door for your blissful weekend away. Well, those days are gone! #Sorry.

It's a great idea to make a list in advance to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Nappies, baby wipes, favourite toys...


Take Snacks - Lots of snacks

Snacks, snacks and more snacks! These will be a huge lifesaver. Keeping tummies full keeps everyone happy, but are also a great distraction. We love the lunchbox range over at Adventure Snacks. So many perfect options for packing snacks for on-the-go.


Layer clothing

Both in the car or on the plane, temperatures can vary to outside. It's a good idea to layer your little ones clothing for easy on or off of jumpers without needing to undress completely. 


Pack smartly

I know it's hard not to pack everything but the kitchen sink when you head away from home. If you can manage to pack smartly this will save you from needing a semi trailer to travel. Using our Nappy Bag Organising Pouches you can organise all of the essentials you need. Designed in a transparent clear pouch, you can easily see what you need without needing to unpack a whole bag!

Nappy Bag Organising Pouches $39.99


Use a baby carrier

This is a big one if you are flying. Having both hands free when navigating the airport is a must have.


Use a backpack

Our range of Nappy Bag Backpacks are a no brainer when traveling with kids. Fitting all of the essentials you will need, the internal pockets will keep everything organised and easy to access. Not to mention, your hands free!



Sorrento Nappy Bag Backpack $159.99

Sorrento Nappy bag backpack - the best nappy backpack in Australia in black and grey

Our Sorrento Nappy Bag also comes with a travel strap! 

Sorrento nappy backpack - the best nappy bag to travel with kids

Travel during nap time

If you can manage to plan your travel around nap time, you bet the odds are better for a smoother trip! Otherwise, try and play your trip around the time of the day when you know they're most happy - generally the morning for most babies!


Have low expectations!

Again sorry to crush all of your dreams of a blissful holiday! Welcome to parenthood... Babies cry, don't stress about what other people might think. Chances are you'll have a massive poonami explosion at the worst possible time. 

But it's all part of the fun. These are memories you are creating, that you'll look back on fondly (even if you laugh later!). 


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