There a few things that seem to be kept under wraps from new Mums... But let me tell you, if I knew these things before heading home with my precious bundle of joy.. Maybe they would have been such a surprise when they happened!


You will still look pregnant even when you're not

The truth is, post baby bodies don't just magically shrinky-dink down to pre-baby sizes with the click of a finger! After giving birth, your stomach will be sore and swollen (ah because you just grew a baby inside for nine months!).


Breastfeeding is not intuitive

The truth is, it's hard. Breastfeeding needs to be learned for both you and your baby! Don't hesitate in asking for help from a lactation consultant! And don't beat yourself up if you aren't getting it right away.


Swaddling is hard

Have you ever tried to wrap an octopus in a blanket? Welcome to swaddling. It is not as simple as a sweet little wrapped up burrito we see posted on Instagram! You can tie, wrap and fold all you like and those wiggly little arms are out in seconds!


You will google. Everything

It's normal. Babies don't come with a manual, don't be surprised when you find yourself googling, "what colour should my babies poo be" or "how do I get snot of our my baby's nose".


Your first poo after giving birth may be painful!

No one warned me that I wouldn't poo for days after giving birth or that when I finally did It would feel like trying to push out a large concrete watermelon through hole the size of aa needle. Remember everything down there is still very inflamed, healing from your birth.Whether you had a vaginal birth or c -section your pelvic floor, abdominal and bowel muscle which help you go, are  stretched and tired. Give it time and talk to your midwife or doctor if you need some advice. 


June 15, 2022 — Ruth Quinn

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