Hi there, Mum-to-Be!


So, you're gearing up to bring your little cherub home from the hospital? Get ready for a whirlwind of emotions, from excitement to sheer "what the heck am I doing?" vibes.I've been in your shoes, and I'm here to give you the low down on what you really need in place and what can wait.


 Let's chat about what you need to sort out before your bub's grand entrance:


  1. Create a safe sleep space Picture this – Keep it simple. And think, safety first! We want a snug bassinet or cot without any suffocation hazards like loose blankets, cot bumpers, soft toys or cot mobiles. Think ABCs: Alone, on their Back, and in a Crib.
How to prepare for bringing your baby home from the hosptial - BAmbino bagz blog


  1. Stock up on supplies—nappies? Tick. Wipes? More nappies more wipes…. But seriously, stock up like there's no tomorrow because babies are like tiny poop factories and at the newborn stage you may go through up to ten nappies per day! Stock up on onesies. Zippies are you new best friend and you will find them the most convenient thing for your newborn to wear most of the time, so don’t worry about too much cute coordinated outfits until baby is a little older.


  1. Prepare meals in advance You know those days when you barely have time to shower, let alone cook? Yeah, multiply that by a thousand once bub arrives. Batch-cook some freezer meals now. Bonus if they are meals that are easy to east with one hand as you’ll often find yourself eating while holding bub or feeding. Thank me later when you're not surviving on Vegemite toast.


  1. Set up a nappy changing station - Nappy changes are about to become your new hobby (not really, but go with it). Set up a nappy changing station by packing a nappy caddy with all the essentials within arm's reach. Trust me, you'll thank yourself during those 3 AM explosions. A small night light is also a great idea for night time changes, as bright lights can wake your baby up too much and make it harder to re-settle.
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  1. Install a car seat – Your hospital won’t let you leave to go home until they know you have a car seat installed that meets standards. Installing a car seat for the first time can feel like solving a 1000 piece of puzzle, but don’t panic; most local baby stores will offer an installation service for a small fee.


  1. Get a great nappy bag – This will be the perfect bag to pack for bub’s things when you go to the hospital, and of course, will be a staple for every trip out and about when you are ready. Look for a bag that is comfortable, has plenty of storage and organisation, and is easy to clean. Bonus points if it’s a bag you hubby or partner is happy to carry as well.


  1. Invest in a great feeding pillow – Newborns will feed a lot so a supportive feeding pillow will save your back and make feeding times a lot more comfortable and relaxed for both of you.


  1. Talk to your Support System – Motherhood can be like a rollercoaster – exhilarating, terrifying, and occasionally vomit-inducing. It’s important to be real with your friends and family, and discuss your wishes about first visits, do you want the close family to be vaccinated for whooping cough before they can visit Would you prefer friends stay away until you are settles back in at home? How can they best support you after the birth? Make sure you have the important conversations before baby arrives to avoid any upsets or mis communications.


  1. Prepare for Postpartum Recovery - Don't forget about yourself in the chaos of all the baby prep. Stock up on comfy high-waisted undies, soft cool PJs, nibble cream, and disposable absorbable undies for the first few days ( you will bleed for a few days after birth with both vaginal and c-section births)  Invest in a large drink bottle, as you will be sooo thirsty particularly if you choose to breastfeed.


Remember, Mum, you're about to embark on the wildest, most rewarding ride of your life. Embrace the chaos, savour the snuggles, and don't forget you’re new to this so be kind to yourself.   Welcome to the Mum Club – it's a bit chaotic, unbelievably  beautiful, and absolutely life changing. 🌟💕

April 29, 2024 — Ruth Quinn

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