1. Hair Ties and Hair Clips

We've all been there—those tiny hands grabbing onto whatever they can reach, and your hair can be a fan favourite to grab!  It's not just about managing your hair; it's about surviving the baby's playful tugs and staying ready for anything!

What to pack in your nappy bag - hair ties and bobby pins


  1. Change of Top for Yourself

We've all been there, haven't we? unexpected (or expected!) spit-ups and spills, and you're left looking like a mess for the rest of the outing. Having an extra top for yourself is a game-changer. Stay comfortable and be prepared for whatever Mum life throws your way.


  1. Baby First Aid Kit: Safety First

Accidents can be part of the parenting gig. That's why I swear by a baby first aid kit with baby-safe antiseptic ointment, band-aids, baby antihistamine, and any medications your little one might need. It's like peace of mind in a pouch.


What to pack in your nappy bag - baby first aid kit
  1. Nappy Bag Organising Pouches

Let's face it; we need some order in the chaos. Nappy bag organising pouches are fantastic for categorizing and creating kits to quickly access essentials like nappies, baby clothes, feeding accessories, and more. Stay organised and avoid the endless bag rummaging.


nappy bag organising pouches by bambino bagz
  1. Nursing Pads and Nipple Cream: Breastfeeding Mums

For all the breastfeeding Mums out there, nursing pads and nipple cream are a must. Nursing pads keep you dry and prevent the dreaded leakage patches on your top, and nipple cream provides relief and protection from cracking and painful nipples (been there and it’s not fun!), so you can breastfeed comfortably on the go.


  1. Portable Phone Charger: Stay Connected

Parenting on the move these days means staying connected. A portable phone charger is a lifesaver to keep your phone charged for capturing those precious moments, staying in touch with family, or even some sneaky scrolling while you feed your little one. If you want to ultimate nappy bag to use with your charger, check out the Sorrento nappy backpack with a built-in USB port.

Sorrento nappy bag baby bag backpack with USB charger


  1. Portable White Noise Machine:

If you use a white noise machine for naps and sleep at home, then creating a consistent sleep environment while out and about is a great idea. It is also a huge help if you are out in a noisy environment or unfamiliar place for a nap and can really help soothe your little one to sleep.

What to pack in your nappy bag - portable white noise machine


  1. Travel Size Sanitiser:

A little travel-sized hand sanitiser is a real friend. Situations like changing a nappy in the car or using a public toilet can often leave you with nowhere to wash your hands.  Sanitiser ensures that both you and your baby have clean hands whenever and wherever you need it.


You will of course need to pack all the usual essentials in your nappy bag, like nappies, wipes, feeding essentials, and spare clothes for baby but don't stress we've got you covered. Our nappy bag backpacks are super spacious and designed to cater for multiple kids as well as all your own essentials too. 

We have linked some of our most popular nappy bags below to help you find the perfect one for your family. 


Sorrento Nappy Bag  Backpack 

The Sofia Convertible Nappy Back 

Florence Nappy Bag Backpack