As Mums who have gone through the newborn phase many times ourselves, we are here to help make your parenting journey a little easier by sharing everything we have learned along the way, one sneaky Mum hack at a time.


1. Zip-Zip Hooray

I wish someone had told me this one before I had my firstborn! Embrace the convenience of zip-up suits and ditch the fussy co-coordinated outfits at least for the first few months. Not only will your little one be much more comfortable, but changing times will also be so much easier when the baby is dressed in a zippy onesie.  

2. Coconut oil for cradle cap

Both my boys had terrible cradle cap and after trying many expensive creams I found Coconut oil was the winner! Gently soften stubborn flakes by applying a small amount of to your little one's scalp and massage gently with a soft brush. 

3. Pull baby’s onesie down after an explosion

Have you ever wondered why onesies have those little folds at the shoulders? This is to allow them to stretch down over your baby’s body and nappy in the case of a poo explosion! No need to try and awkwardly pull the poo-covered onesie up over bub’s head. You’re welcome

4. Use an applicator for nappy cream

Sticky fingers, no more! Ditch the by using a silicone applicator or makeup brush (not your brush!) to apply nappy rash cream. It's a creative and hygienic way to pamper your baby's delicate skin while keeping your hands clean.

5 Pack multiple changes of clothes

Keep multiple spare outfits for bub handy. When you pack one the rule is they will always need two changes! It’s also a great idea to pack a spare top for yourself since newborns can often spit up or spill all over your t-shirt.


 6. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

Hydration is key post-partum! Especially if you are breastfeeding. Ensure you have your easy-to-sip water bottle filled and nearby at all times. Try to remember to have it with you before you sit down to feed your baby… you’ll want it!

7. Keep spare dummies everywhere

If you are going to introduce a dummy for your little one then trust us you will want to keep multiple dummies everywhere! Those little suckers get lost so easily and you don't want to get caught without one if it's the only thing that will calm them down mid-melt down

8.  Be prepared with change stations

Set up mini nappy change stations in the common areas of your home so you’re prepared for poo explosions when you least expect them. Check out our Aria Nappy caddy to create the perfect changing station that fits with your décor.


9. Set up a feeding station.

 A breastfeeding kit stocked with essentials like a water bottle, nourishing snacks, tissues, tv remote etc ensures you're ready for long snuggly feeding sessions or even getting nap trapped.

10. Prep frozen meals in advance.

As your due date approaches, building a freezer stash of nourishing meals will be a total lifesaver in the first few weeks at home. Hint, meals you can easily eat with one hand are a huge help as you will find yourself multitasking a lot with your little one.

11. Pack your nappy bag the night before.

Tackle outings like a pro and never get caught without the essentials.  After each outing, it’s essential to restock your nappy bag, dealing with messy situations only to realise you’re out of wipes or nappies is a situation you don’t want to deal with!

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12White noise for baby sleep time.

White noise can act as a wonderful sleep cue for your little one, helping them understand that the wind-down routine has started when you turn it on. It will also help drown out any startling noises and create a calming atmosphere for sleep.

13. Keep quick healthy snacks on hand

Nourishing your body has never been more important than it is right now, but you might find yourself getting caught up and forgetting to have a full meal, that’s where a great stock of easy health snacks comes in to save the day. Before bub arrives fill your pantry with plenty of easy on-the-go snacks.

14. Bedtime feed hack

Be sure to change your little one before bedtime or night feeds. A nappy change will help wake up babies and make them more alert and more likely to have a good full feed. This also means your little one will go down more easily when they are nice and full and milk-drunk.

15. Invest in blackout blinds

Newborn babies can struggle in the first few days and weeks to distinguish day from night, so providing a  completely dark environment for naps and sleep times will help your little one to regulate sleep and get into a good routine. 

16. Try a baby carrier or sling

Some babies will love being snuggled up against your chest in a carrier and this can be a wonderful way to help calm your little one, increase bond and also allow you to have your hands free to get things done or look after older children. 

17. Invest in a great unisex nappy backpack

Embrace hands-free parenting with a unisex nappy backpack. Nappy backpacks are the number one choice for most new parents simply because they are both practical, comfortable, and stylish and of course, your partner won’t mind carrying it too, which is super important when you’re on long day trips and you need a teammate to carry the load.

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Check out our award-winning nappy bag backpacks to find your perfect nappy bag.

18. Create a car kit.

 Babies just love to poo in the car! Save yourself from sticky situations by creating a car kit complete with spare outfits, wipes, nappies, teething toys, Panadol and any other essentials to keep your little one clean and calm while driving.  


20. Waterproof cot sheets.

Keep your mattress protected from those late-night accidents by investing in a great quality waterproof sheet to go under your cot sheets. This is NOT the same as a regular mattress protector as those are not normally waterproof.

21. Create a bath and bedtime routine.

While newborn babies will not be in a sleep routine until at least a few months old, starting a routine so your baby learns the order that things happen will make settling your bub so much easier. They will begin to understand that after bath time will there will be a nice bedtime feed then off to sleep.

22. Tummy Time 

Tummy time is an important part of your little ones' development and a super easy way to introduce it and remember to do it is a little tummy time every nappy change. Place your little one on their tummy after and change and get down on your tummy right in front of their head. They will want to lift their head to look at you. Remember to start with very small intervals with very young babies and build up as they grow.

23. Talk to a sleep consultant.

Sleep deprivation is no joke and can have a huge impact on your mental health after prolonged periods. All babies are completely different and while waking at night to feed is totally normal for your newborn, as they get older they should be able to go for longer stretches at night. If you’re really at your wits end with a bub that is a difficult sleeper reach out for support! Baby sleep consultants specialise in helping your baby learn how to self-settle when they wake between sleep cycles and will work with you to use settling techniques that work for you and your family. This complexly saved my sanity and allowed our whole family to get more precious sleep.

 24. Download The Wonder Weeks App

 This app is the sidekick to the Wonder Week book but can be used on it’s own. It helps you track your baby’s developmental “leaps” which are periods of neurological development that all babies go through and can help to explain why your baby may suddenly be fussy or having trouble sleeping. It also helps with tips to get through each leap and ways to help your baby with the development they are going through. I found this a total life saver with both my babies.

 25.  Use A Swaddle With Velcro

Babies love to be swaddled and getting a good tight swaddle your baby won’t wriggle out of can be tricky. Make it a lot easier on yourself by purchasing a swaddle with Velcro wings to quickly secure your baby and get them down for a nap easily.

 26. Change The Position of Your Baby's Head When Sleeping

The safest way to put your newborn baby to sleep is on their back. However, when babies sleep with their heads to the same side all the time, they can develop flat spots.  To prevent this change the position of your baby’s head each day while they sleep.

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 27 Seek help from a lactation consultant.

If you choose to breastfeed it is totally normal to face some challenges. As new Mums, we often feel like breastfeeding is meant to be the most natural thing in the world and while that is true in some ways it can also be painful, frustrating, and challenging to get started. Your local hospital or clinic will most likely offer a lactation clinic to help you get established with breastfeeding or get through any challenges you may face along the way. Just remember every feeding journey is different and the most important thing is a happy baby AND happy Mum.

28. Nudie rudie time.

Offer relief from nappy rash by allowing your baby nappy-free time. Let those little cheeks breathe and experience the soothing power of fresh air.

29. Use A Bottle Teat To Give Your Baby Medicine

If your little one has been prescribed medicine, it might be tricky to get him to take it. In the struggle, it’s common for some of the doses to be spilled or spat up so it’s much easier to attach the syringe to the teat of a bottle teat and just allow your baby to suck the medicine by himself.

30. A Dose of Daily Kindness

Amid the whirlwind of new mum responsibilities, remember to prioritise self-care. In whatever way you can. In the first few weeks, it may be as simple as making time to show and pop on some make-up or taking yourself out for a coffee. Whatever self-care looks like for you.

And there you have it—a treasury of 30 ingenious Mum hacks to help you navigate the wonderful world of new motherhood. I hope you find these helpful and use the ones that work well for you and your baby.  Most of all enjoy the rollercoaster ride that is life with your precious little one!