What to pack in your hospital bag 

Ooooooh, It’s getting close now! The arrival of your new baby is just around the corner; so it's time to pack your hospital bag… How exciting!

Now, it’s very easy to overpack (guilty as charged!), so let’s break it down for you with this list of what to pack in your hospital bag. 

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What to pack for you -  

Maternity pads or disposable underwear

You’ll bleed for up to six weeks post-birth, so be sure to have a plentiful stash of maternity pads on hand. It’s important to monitor your blood loss in the days and weeks after birth, so pads are recommended rather than black period undies.


Loose, comfy, warm clothes and pjs

Hospitals can often be cool, so layers are very handy! Be sure to pack loose, comfortable clothing. Be prepared that you’ll still have quite a ‘baby belly’ in the days after birth. Loose clothing is also important if you are having, or end up with, a caesarean birth. If you are planning to breastfeed, you will also need comfy, easy-access tops for feeding.

Nursing bra and breast pads

Whether you are planning to breastfeed or formula feed, you will still need a nursing bra to support your breasts as your milk comes in.

High waisted underwear

This is particularly important if you have had a caesarean birth as you do not want the pressure of the waistband rubbing on your wound.

Toiletries (including lip balm and hair ties)

Try to steer clear of anything that is too heavily fragranced. You will be having a lot of skin-to-skin time with your precious new bub, so keep it simple and let your baby soak up your natural scent as they bond with you. Hospitals can be drying on your skin with all the air-conditioning, so be sure to pack lip balm and a fragrance-free moisturiser. It’s also a good idea to pack hair ties as you probably won’t want your hair out during labour or hanging over bub’s face whilst feeding.


If you’re anything like me, you will get very hungry in your post-partum days! Making milk and breastfeeding requires extra calories, so pack some extra snacks to have on hand. Try to keep them healthy to help your body recover, but definitely throw a treat or two in… You deserve them!


Water bottle (with straw)

Sipping from a straw is much easier, both during labour and after the birth. You will be nursing your baby A LOT, so make it easier for yourself and find a drink bottle with a straw that you can open with one hand!

Some handy extras to pop in too: 

Long Phone charger



What to pack in your hospital bag for your baby:

  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Singlets
  • Onesies
  • Swaddles
  • Bottles and formula (if you are formula feeding)
  • Dummy
  • Blanket

Be sure to check with your hospital as they will all have different provisions and rules about what you can and can’t bring with you.

It’s also a good idea to have your partner/support person pack their bag in preparation as well. It always pays to be organised. If you're still on the hunt for the perfect nappy bag to take with you to the hospital check out our range. 

Best wishes for the beautiful journey ahead!

August 26, 2022 — Kirsty Whybrow

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